So you can solder, big deal Stockbyte/Thinkstock

So you can solder, big deal

Why are plumbers and pipefitters still using open flames in old buildings and putting lives and livelihoods at risk? Obviously I am a fan of copper press systems I've tried taking many different approaches in response to skilled tradespersons telling me I "must have no pride in my work" for choosing to forgo the flame and instead pull a trigger I've tried explaining how the higher cost copper press fittings are practically a non-factor when comparing the time saved I still teach new apprentices how to properly assemble and solder copper tubing and fittings I just cannot agree with the opposition on this subject I think it's time to put this argument to rest

It happened again… On February 19 a five-alarm fire at an apartment complex in Hempstead, N.Y., leaving nearly 450 people without a roof over their heads. This is a direct quote from the news report:

“Nassau County Assistant Chief Fire Marshal Michael Uttaro says firefighters found plumbers tools in the building in a vacant apartment where the fire is believed to have started on the second floor. He said the fire may have been started by plumbers using torches.”

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