Hands-on intelligence

Types of intelligence Linguistic: writing, reading and telling stories. Logical: Mathematical — interested in patterns, arithmetic problems, strategy games and experiments. Body-kinesthetic: Gain knowledge through bodily sensations; sense of touch. Often athletic, good at crafts such as woodworking. Spatial: Think in images and pictures; like mazes and puzzles. Musical: Often singing or drumming to themselves; aware of sounds that others miss. Interpersonal: Good at communicating with others; understand others’ feelings and motives. Intrapersonal: Aware of own feelings; self-motivated.

Many of you have had this experience — asked to serve on an advisory board of this or that. It’s a compliment. Geez… they must think I know something important!

I was asked to be on an advisory board for a national technical institute. When I got there, I found more fellow members of the HVAC industry that I’d seen since the last free lunch at a wholesale distributor. Sure enough, they fed us, sat us down, congratulated us for be

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