Tech’s aren’t chickens, and neither are plumbers!

Tech’s aren’t chickens, and neither are plumbers!

Would you say that your technicians and plumbers feel that the way to get ahead is to compete? What if instead of competing, they were taught to collaborate? Working alongside smart, hardworking, and creative people is its own reward; I can assure you. 

This morning on my commute in I listened to a TED Talk podcast about the subject of the “Pecking Order” in relation to “super” chickens. Now, don’t take me wrong or misinterpret my sincere respect for our industry and our technicians and plumbers … they are undoubtedly far superior to chickens. However, I couldn’t help but associate our desire to hire, train and cultivate “superstar” technicians and plumbers in the same way that farmers want superior chickens. Believing they’ll both alw

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