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Heraclitus of Ephesius.

Notable achievements and changes too

In 2015 IAPMO unveiled the very first  code and standard addressing hydronic heating and cooling installations Hydronics Industry Alliance — Commercial, a subcommittee of the Hydronics Industry Alliance was formed to allow the manufacturers of hydronic heating equipment the opportunity to have a publicly recognized podium Standard 19210 is the first American National Standard established to certify professional hydronic system installers

“The only thing that is constant is change...” Heraclitus, philosopher, 475 B.C.

As I enter into the fifth year of my career with the Radiant Professionals Alliance (RPA), and I look back at all of the work and accomplishments, most of which were done by a great group of volunteers, I feel a great deal of pride in knowing that we, as an industry have become stronger today than we were when I first joined the RPA.