Nelson Mechanical Design swoops in for geothermal system rescue

Nelson Mechanical Design swoops in for geothermal system rescue

After further examination of the geothermal system, Nelson discovered: Not only were the inside loop pumps undersized, but one of the loop pumps wasn’t even pumping at all because the impeller had fallen off the shaft.  The entire inside of the geothermal system was coated with thick, red, sludge — iron bacteria from the outside wells. This coating of sludge had a major impact on the thermal efficiency of the entire system. And to top it off, in addition to all of the other design flaws, the well water itself had changed from 7 pH to 5 pH.  “Approaching acidic water — and with all of the air in the well water — we had a recipe for disaster,” said Nelson.

MARTHA'S VINEYARD, MASS. — Value engineering. It can be the bane of a contractor’s existence. If there is extensive value engineering during the construction phase, then often times the real-world implications of all those changes isn't known or considered until the project is over. 

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