Condensing boilers from WeilMcLain

Condensing boilers from Weil-McLain.

To condense or not condense, that is the question

All boilers, every single one of them, can and will condense if the conditions are right Every time a vapor condenses back into a liquid, it must give up 970.4 BTUs per pound of water as heat energy If we are condensing slightly more than a gallon of water, a little over 10,000 BTUs of energy will be released back into the boiler system in the form of heat

My eighth grade English teacher, Mrs. Lauer, defined a purist as “one who is preoccupied with the correctness of language.” I wrote it down because I realized then what I was — a purist. Words have meanings and they should be used correctly. So I rarely miss an opportunity to “mentor” someone who has mutilated a word meaning (this might explain why no one comes to visit me anymore).

Anyway, let me give you an example. Last summer I stopped at a fast-food restaurant to get a di

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