If you think that a customer doesnrsquot want to buy something then thatrsquos the way yoursquoll sell it and it will turn into a selffulfilling prophecy Long pointed out to the contractors You might say to yourself ldquoI knew itrdquo and yoursquod be right CONTRACTOR magazine photo

If you think that a customer doesn’t want to buy something, then that’s the way you’ll sell it and it will turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy, Long pointed out to the contractors. You might say to yourself, “I knew it,” and you’d be right.

Homeowners don’t need three bids — they need you

Long’s philosophy was affirmed long ago by Ralph Waldo Emerson: We become what we think about all day long. Running a service call right is easy, Long said. The problem is that running it the wrong way is even easier. “Our thoughts trigger a chain reaction in the hypothalamus. That creates an emotion that triggers a reaction.”  

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA — Americans love a tale of redemption. Plumbing-heating-cooling contractors love them when they are about one of their own, whether it’s

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