It’s a “Horse Apiece:” Radiant and forced air in the same room

It’s a “Horse Apiece:” Radiant and forced air in the same room

I contend that with a forced-air system, there are already two systems in the mechanical room A combi-boiler heats potable domestic hot water in one part of the tank and hydronic non-potable boiler water in another: one appliance that does two jobs There was a cost reduction in switching from a furnace to a fan coil unit and eliminating the water heater

The English language has some very peculiar locutions (a big word for expressions — feel free to use the word “locutions” at your next party). We use them every day, and people seem to know what they mean, but when you stop and analyze what people are really saying, you scratch your head: “What does that mean?”

An expression that comes to mind is, “Cat got your tongue?” Now, what in the world does that mean? I don’t think that a cat has opposing thumbs capable of grabbing you

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