Selling whole house generators?

Our involvement with automatic whole house generators as a subcontractor has been to run the propane or natural gas lines Automatic whole house generators suffer from lack-of-maintenance issues Sizing is often dictated by the heat pump or central A/C condenser If you can service your garden tractor, you can service a generator’s engine There’s more to whole house generators than meets the eye

Stormy weather ahead! Question: What’s the No. 1 problem that causes home generators to lock out or underperform? Read on for the answer my friends.

What a brutal series of storms we all experienced this past winter. Once again, our home was without power for more than five days, and, once again, I rolled out our portable generator. Power cord to transfer switch and throw the switch to power up selected circuits: heating, refrigerators, lights, and the TV. Ten gallons of gasolin

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