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Rooftopmounted solar water heater Antonis Liokouras/iStock/Thinkstock
<p>Rooftop-mounted solar water heater.</p>

2015 Solar/Hydronics Code offers uniformity

The 2015 USEHC is developed to govern the installation and inspection of solar, hydronic and geothermal energy systems This comprehensive, consensus IAPMO/ANSI Code provides a single source reference for the installation, use or maintenance of radiant, hydronic, geothermal and solar systems The RPA is committed to contributing professionalism to the entire hydronics/radiant industry Having an accredited American National Standard brings the ultimate credibility to the USEHC

MOKENA, ILL. — In response to a growing interest in residential and commercial solar energy systems, IAPMO first developed and published the Uniform Solar Energy Code in 1976. Just like the 2009 and 2012 editions of this code, the 2015 Uniform Solar Energy and Hydronics code (USEHC) was developed using IAPMO’s American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-accredited open consensus process, and is unique in that it is both a Code and an American National Standard.

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