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June 1, 2008
editor's choice THE NEW INDIRECT WATER HEATER ranges in size from 30 gal. to 110 gal. and provides an energy-efficient source of hot water for any hydronic or radiant application. It is constructed of heavy-gauge steel and lined with 2" of non-CFC foam insulation. The inner tank is coated in a corrosion-resistant, high-temperature porcelain enamel and further protected by two heavy-duty magnesium
Rheem-Ruud Indirect Water Heater

editor's choice

THE NEW INDIRECT WATER HEATER ranges in size from 30 gal. to 110 gal. and provides an energy-efficient source of hot water for any hydronic or radiant application. It is constructed of heavy-gauge steel and lined with 2" of non-CFC foam insulation. The inner tank is coated in a corrosion-resistant, high-temperature porcelain enamel and further protected by two heavy-duty magnesium anode rods. The 1½" diameter of the heat-exchanger coil results in faster tank recovery during periods of high demand, as well as less pressure drop throughout the coil. It is equipped with factory-installed brass drain valves.

THE AXOR M COLLECTION OF FAUCETS AND FIXTURES feature a bold, modern appearance. Gentle curves give way to clean, even surfaces. They feature brass construction, ceramic disc cartridges, and are available for the vanity, sink, bidet, bath or shower.

THE PRO SERIES LINE OF CONNECTORS combine braided stanless steel wire with the inner strength of a polymer core for superior resilience in any application. NSF-approved, they have been tested to handle more than 2,000 psi of pressure. The connectors use double radial crimped ferrules to secure the fitting ends.

THE GEN-EYE SPECTRA VIDEO INSPECTION SYSTEM features a 160 GB hard drive, DVD recorder and 15" LCD monitor along with a self-leveling color camera. The operator is able to record up to 290 hours of inspection video, then copy selected sections onto a DVD. The camera has a compact stainless steel housing and is only 1.4" in diameter.
General Pipe Cleaners

THE NEVER-TIP DRAIN VALVE is a condensate drain system designed for use in dry sprinkler systems. It replaces the old drum drip system with a single valve that prevents accidentally tripping the system during routine maintenance. The valve meets all NFPA 13 guidelines, and will not freeze or break like traditional ball valves. It is compact and easy to install.

THE VERTEX 100 WATER HEATER offers an industry-leading 96% thermal efficiency. It features a top-fired burner/blower combination for more effective combustion and lower fuel usage. A helical coil heat exchanger utilizes energy more efficiently by keeping hot gasses inside longer. Developed in partnership with the US Department of Energy, it is one of the greenest gas-condensing residential water heaters on the market.
A.O. Smith

THE SERIES TWH TANKLESS WATER HEATER VALVES are designed for use with wall-hung tankless water heaters. They simplify installation and maintenance by replacing four unions, three tees, seven nipples, two ball valves, two boiler drains and two hose bib covers used in typical installations. They are available with either ¾" FTP union ends or ¾" Quick-Connect ends.
Watts Water Technologies

THE MWH180 TANKLESS GAS-FIRED WATER HEATER is 82% or more efficient. The compact design allows for easy installation in tight spaces. It has a maximum water capacity of 5.8 GPM at 54° F temperature rise, allowing up to three plumbing fixtures to run simultaneously. It has a quick response mode for rapid heating, with a sensor system to maintain a constant outgoing water temperature.
Monitor Products

THE TAC FORTA GLOBE VALVE ACTUATOR is designed to work with two- and three-way globe valves ranging in size from ½" to 6". Only three models are needed to deliver a full range from 90 lbf. to 337 lbf. linear force, greatly simplifying sizing, installing and inventory. With a flip of a switch, the end user can set up the actuator to handle every standard analog and floating control input signal. An automatic scaling feature means the actuator learns the valve stem's travel and is able to scale its input signal to match.
TAC Field Devices

THE PROPRESS C×F×C TEE is manufactured from high-quality bronze. It is designed primarily for transitions between copper tubing and male NPT connections. Offered in sizes from ½" to 4", it complements the 550 existing fittings in the ProPress line.

THE PREMIER POWER-VENT DV WATER HEATER includes a top-fired low-nitrous oxide burner and blower, allowing for more efficient combustion. The heater is able to deliver a continuous flow of hot water with a thermal efficiency of 96% with a 100,000 Btuh input, outperforming conventional gas units. It is designed for high-demand households requiring large amounts of hot water.

THE ULTRA-CUT 200 PLASMA CUTTING SYSTEM is capable of cutting 1" to 1½" thick steel at 100% duty cycle. Ideal for the mild steel market, the cutter delivers exceptional cut quality and improved cut speed. It features a water mist secondary for superior performance on non-ferrous materials. A keyless consumable cartridge design allows the user to quickly move from ferrous to non-ferrous materials of varying thickness.
Thermal Dynamics

VISI-GRIT MESH ABRASIVE CLOTH is a super-bright fluorescent yellow color, making it easy to locate, especially in dim areas. It is designed for cleaning metal or plastic pipe or fittings and most other hard surfaces. The open mesh resists clogging and it can be used wet or dry.
Utility Chemicals

THE WATERSENTRY COOLER is outfitted with an LED display on the user interface which gives the status of the water filtration system. The filter not only reduces unpleasant taste and odor, it decreases the amount of harmful impurities such as lead, cysts and sediment. The filter is completely encapsulated for an efficient, speedy change-out. An electronic sensor delivers hygienic hands-free operation.

THE BASIN BOSS PACKAGED SEWER SYSTEM has a 24" × 24" shallow-design basin that reduces time spent digging the pit while providing a 45 gal. capacity. It is offered with a 4/10 HP or ½ HP pump, either of which is capable of handling 2" solids. It is pre-installed on an integral torque stop.

THE SAVAGE MAGNETIC LEVEL features rare-earth magnets that let it grip ferrous materials (such as cast-iron pipe). The level bubbles have “brightview” machined vial surrounds for easy reading under poor lighting. Four precision vials give readings for horizontal, vertical, 45° and 30°. Scales are laser-etched in both metric and SAE.
Swanson Tool

THE ELECTRO PLUS FUSION MACHINE is designed to simplify and speed the electrofusion joining process of thermoplastic pipe and fittings. It is made for use with the company's proprietary polypropylene piping system. A hand-held user interface means the operator can place the power unit on the floor while using the cables and hand-held unit on a ladder. The machine can fuse multiple joints in one fusion cycle.
GF Piping

THE CARGO COLLECTION is a new line of retail-inspired rentable cargo pants. They are available in light khaki and navy blue in a loose-fit design. They feature sewn-in pockets with side seams and snap closures.

REFLEX ARCHITECTURAL LAVATORIES use a fusion of metal and stone to create a distinctive appearance. Each design is fabricated with matte granite or granite mixed with metal speckles for a sparking effect. The lavatories are scratch, stain and crack resistant.

THE STOP-SILENT CHECK VALVE AS 54 MODEL is designed to provide water hammer relief and tight no-return shut-off for existing flanged piping systems. The retrofit design can be installed directly into a flanged pipe system without structural or housing alterations. A cone design provides tight shut-off to prevent backflow of liquid or gas media.

THIS BASEBOARD HEATER COVER is made of perforated 22-gauge galvanized steel. The panel secures on to the existing baseboard heater cover that is typically nailed or screwed in place. The no-tools, slip-on installation process takes only a few seconds after the detachable front panel and endcaps on the existing heater are removed. In-stock sizes include 3', 4', 5', 6' and 7' lengths.
Buss General

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