What are your contracting business resolutions (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

What are your contracting business resolutions?

Does your business have a New Year’s Resolution?

Diet. Exercise. Quitting cigarettes. These may be personal resolutions you have for 2015, but what about for your contracting business?

With a New Year starting, it’s a great idea to take some time and think about what needs to be accomplished in the next 12 months. Rhonda Abrams of USA Today listed 10 resolutions she thinks small businesses should have this year, including focusing on returning customers, limiting time on social media each day and getting more help for the company.

Your business may not growing sufficiently because you are trying to do too much yourself. It's difficult to find good employees and contractors, but a great worker can truly help you grow your company significantly. Examine your operation for routine tasks that take too much of your time, and look for areas of business growth you need outside expertise to achieve.

Read more about these resolutions and others in Abrams’ article. Also, let us know if your business has any resolutions for 2015. We’d love to hear about your plans for this year!

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