Made in America 2018

Welcome to CONTRACTOR’s 2018 Made in America feature.

Welcome once again to our annual Made in America feature, where we profile manufacturers who are innovating, producing, hiring and employing right here in the U.S.A.

These are challenging days to be an American manufacturer. The economy continues to expand, and in many ways the marketplace is more open, more full of possibilities than it has ever been before. The speed, integration and responsiveness promised by the Internet of Things are all starting to be realized.

In the meanwhile, attracting, retaining and training the next generation of skilled workers has become mission-critical, due to both a tight labor market and the continued retirement of the baby boomers (who, in many instances, are taking decades of institutional know-how with them when they leave). Automation can in some instance prove a godsend, but can also create new, high-tech problems of its own. And looming on the horizon is the possibility of a trade war that might have long-term effects on every segment of the value chain.

So read on and discover how American manufacturers in 2018 are adapting, inventing and re-inventing themselves and their offerings to deliver the products that contractors around the country love.

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