Caleffi obtains OG-300 Certification

MILWAUKEE — Caleffi’s NAS3 Series Solar Water Heating Systems used in residential and small commercial building applications are now OG-300 certified by the Solar Rating and Certification Corp. (SRCC).

These packages are eligible for a growing number of government, utility and local financial incentives requiring OG-300 to qualify. As of September, more than 20 states offered incentives requiring OG-300.

“We are very pleased to obtain this certification,” said Rex Gillespie, Caleffi’s director of marketing. “A very rigorous review of design, durability, reliability, safety operation and examination of user instructions is used by the SRCC in evaluating systems. Not every manufacturer that applies meets the high standards. Because of the quality and confidence in performance an OG-300 certified solar hot water heater conveys, states offer financial incentives of 10%, 25% and sometimes up to 50% off the installed cost. This makes the homeowner’s already good investment an even better one.”

Caleffi launched its pre-engineered solar hot water heaters in 2008, and has hundreds of systems installed throughout the U.S. and Canada. Systems have collector surface area ranging from 26-sq.ft to 160-sq.ft., and storage tanks ranging from 50 to 119 gallons.

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