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iMarket Solutions celebrates first year of business

BURLINGTON, VT.iMarket Solutions celebrated its first anniversary on July 28, 2011, counting more than 100 businesses to its client roster. The Internet marketing firm specializes in HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractor websites.

In July 2010, the company had one client, a business plan, and three partners who were intent on offering contractors a way to use the Internet to bring in leads. One year later, the firm has a host of clients across the U.S. and Canada. The company has signed multiple deals with distributorships and is a member of several national associations, including Quality Service Contractors (QSC) and Plumbing & Heating-Cooling Contractors (PHCC).

The most popular product the marketing firm offers has been the “Domination” website, which includes a bevy of tools aimed to climb the ranks of the Internet search engines. This package allows contractors to draw in leads from every town in their service area.

According to Nadia Romeo, president of iMarket Solutions, iMarket customers that have subscribed to this package have seen the number of leads generated by their website increase by more than 100 per month.

“Our sites have been incredibly successful in the Google rankings,” said Romeo, “but more importantly, these sites prompt customers to pick up the phone and call.”

Romeo attributes the success of iMarket’s websites to them being extremely well optimized, but also for containing relevant content. “I’m fond of saying ‘content is king,’ ” said Romeo. “We make sure the sites not only have the keywords that will bring in customers, but we also make sure the content inspires their confidence, so they will follow through by contacting these contractors.”

iMarket Solutions’ websites have reduced the average cost per lead, which for traditional media averages at around $200 nationwide. “Some of our clients have seen the cost per lead drop to a tenth of that,” said Romeo. “They’ve had to add staff to keep up with the demand. In this economy, I’d say that’s a testament to how well our sites work.”

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