Uponor Announces 2011 Factory Training Course Offering with Updated Curriculum

Uponor Announces 2011 Factory Training Course Offering with Updated Curriculum

Professionals looking to expand their knowledge in radiant heating and cooling, plumbing and fire sprinkler systems can visit www.uponorpro.com/training to review the new 2011 factory training schedule and register for classes online.
This year, Uponor’s course offering includes an updated, four-day Geothermal Design and Application course that offers accreditation by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) upon passing the exam at the end of class. Additionally, Uponor has combined the AquaSAFE™ Level I and AquaSAFE Level II classes into a two-day course so professionals can get trained in the classroom as well as on a simulated jobsite in the academy’s state-of-the-art applications lab all at one time.

“We are looking forward to a great 2011 for training at Uponor,” says Wes Sisco, senior trainer. “With all the innovations in systems and technologies, Uponor factory training offers professionals the best opportunity to advance their businesses and set themselves apart from the competition.”

Growing in popularity, the Climate Cŏntrol™ Network System class is expected to garner even more interest this year as radiant professionals are looking to offer their customers a whole-system solution with integrated system controls.
“By offering courses such as the Climate Cŏntrol Network System and AquaSAFE Levels I and II, professionals are able to learn new skills and technologies that can help them expand their offerings to customers,” remarks Sisco.

The 2011 Uponor Factory Training course offering includes the following classes.

Radiant Hydronics and Design with Controls — This three-day course is designed for contractors seeking to develop their understanding of hydronic radiant heating systems and radiant system controls. Participants will gain an understanding of the key elements of radiant floor heating, learn advanced radiant design considerations and participate in Uponor’s hands-on laboratory, learning to wire and program the Climate Cŏntrol Multifunction Controller, Climate Cŏntrol Zoning System and proPANEL series.

Advanced Radiant Hydronics with Advanced Design Suite (ADS) — This three-day course is for the contractor interested in going to the next level with hydronic radiant heating systems. Training includes Uponor’s ADS software to simplify, economize and enhance radiant system performance. Attendees will train on Uponor-provided laptops along with a set of blueprints to design a complete system. At the end of the course, participants can download a free copy of ADS. Note: Attendees should have a basic knowledge of hydronic heating systems.

Climate Control Network System — This three-day course is intended for the contractor requiring a smart solution for complete radiant and HVAC system integration and control. The Climate Cŏntrol Network System simplifies installation, programming and system startup. Contractors will learn the theory of operation along with web-based programming, all in a hands-on laboratory setting.

Geothermal Design and Application — This four-day course is designed for the contractor seeking to learn about the main principles and benefits of a sustainable, alternative-energy source for radiant heating and cooling systems. The contractor will learn the concept of geodonics — the art of combining geothermal and hydronic radiant systems, along with application techniques to design and install a water-to-water, ground-source heat pump system. Those who pass the exam at the end of the course will receive a nationally recognized certificate as an IGSHPA-accredited geothermal installer. Note: Participants should have a basic knowledge of hydronic heating systems.

AquaSAFE Levels I and II — This two-day course is designed for the plumbing professional interested in installing Uponor AquaSAFE multipurpose fire sprinkler systems. Participants will review installation guidelines for installing AquaSAFE in one- and two-family dwellings and manufactured homes according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 13D guidelines. Participants will be given a set of plans to lay out an AquaSAFE system from start to finish and will receive hands-on training in Uponor’s applications lab.