Code Council ‘plunges’ into World Plumbing Day

Everyone in the building industry knows that plumbers play a huge and critical role to protect public health and safety. But many consumers take for granted what the plumbing industry does to provide ever-better plumbing solutions while being mindful of conserving resources. The World Plumbing Council seeks to change that.

March 11 has been officially designated World Plumbing Day. Construction professionals, the public and schoolchildren around the globe are banding together to learn how the plumbing industry continually improves the products and services the industry offers for both commercial and residential projects. A huge part of their efforts and education program includes conserving resources and reducing the environmental footprint along with other important work conducted by the plumbing industry, as well as the entire building industry.

The International Code Council works with organizations such as the World Plumbing Council to build on each other’s expertise and strengths to advance these goals faster and more effectively. In fact, the Code Council is engaged in helping communities large and small to implement ever-better plumbing applications that are more effective while always being mindful of the environment.

The March 15 release of the Public Version of the International Green Construction Code (IGCC) is perfectly timed to coincide with World Plumbing Day. IGCC provides flexible provisions for hot water delivery systems, fixture and fitting efficiency, and alternative water sources to accommodate different building designs and priorities. It also includes provisions not included in other green references such as car washes, pool and spa water efficiency, rainwater-supplied fire sprinkler systems and landscape irrigation provisions.

The plumbing industry understands first-hand the need to continually develop ever-better solutions for water conservation without sacrificing convenience and safety. The IGCC does just that and so much more. Of course, this highly anticipated new code meets rating systems such as LEED and Green Globes. But it also offers a tremendous range of green building applications for every industry, a large portion of which covers plumbing provisions that focus on conservation of water and other resources, without compromising efficiency, quality, cost and safety.

The Code Council’s involvement with water-related issues goes well beyond offering superior codes. The organization also uses its extensive expertise to help global organizations in their efforts to provide access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation, working toward the ultimate goal of eradicating illness and death caused by waterborne illnesses.

Help spread the word about the important contributions the plumbing industry makes toward protecting public health and safety, and helping to conserve our natural resources. Support World Plumbing Day in any way you can. Visit the World Plumbing Day Web site to learn more.

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