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Nov. 24, 2020
Reviews of two management solutions, Bosch Bluehound and UKG Ready suite, and a mobile app, Device Magic Professional.

Bosch Bluehound  tag-based asset management system (,  877/267-2499), utilizing Bluetooth connectivity and the cloud, enables real-time asset tracking from warehouse to jobsite. Designed for use by large contractors, the cloud-based inventory management system maintains location history and can trace any asset of any brand tool via serial number, inventory number, model number, and warranty information. It also can track vehicles and consummables. 

The software includes asset assignment to jobsite, job box, warehouse, and individuals for complete transparency as to where a tool is assigned. It also has the capability to issue maintenance alerts and updates to keep track of safety equipment and scheduled asset maintenance. 

How it works: Bluehound is an open system; assets can be tagged with Bluetooth modules GCC30-4 mounted on power tools and other work equipment from other manufacturers. For connected-ready Bosch tools, Bluehound integrates seamlessly with the GCY 42 connectivity module on them. The app also has a “consummables” section for management of common, everyday items users may want visibility on but don’t need the enhancement of location on. 

The system includes end-of-day asset tracking and document storage linked to an asset. Users can create employee profiles and assign work equipment and responsibilities. 

In addition, users can notify workers, in real-time, when assets assigned to them are left behind at a jobsite or warehouse and the ability to manage defective or missing work equipment by pressing a button, informing team members.

Pricing: the monthly contract price is based on the amount of Bluetooth tags a company uses for tracking assets, inclusive of software and replacement tags. 

UKG Ready suite (, 978/947-2855) combines workforce management and human capital management (HCM) in a unified cloud platform that helps automate various administrative processes and manage a company’s entire workforce, from pre-hire to retirement. A single employee record is shared across all its applications for human resources (HR), payroll, and timekeeping, with data updated in real time. The solution delivers a fully responsible mobile experience, allowing employees to complete important work-related tasks, such as requesting time off or completing benefits enrollment, from any location.

Suitable for companies of all sizes (salaried, hourly, full time, or part-time), the software integrates capabilities that address human resources (including talent acquisition, onboarding, and compliance), workforce management, and continuous cloud payroll (updated in real time).

UKG Ready features include recruiting/applicant tracking, onboarding/offboarding, benefits administration, document management, compliance reporting, scheduling and time and attendance, payroll administration, workflow and email alerts, and customizable and ad hoc reporting.   

The suite employs advanced algorithms to predict employee flight risk, succession likelihood, potential, fatigue, engagement, retention, and other people-centric metrics to help managers improve the onboarding process, engagement, retention, and performance of employees.

When scheduling employees, management can create matrices and talent pools based on performance, readiness, potential, and risk, as well as custom metrics. An integrated scheduler automatically fills open shifts with best-fit talent utilizing predefined criteria such as availability, preferences, skills, certifications, and other management-defined considerations.

Optional self-service scheduling options enable employees using mobile devices to set availability, swap shifts, request time off or extra hours, view paystubs, and update tax information.

Payroll features include payroll prep checklist, direct deposit, benefits and insurance management, and paystub distribution, including access on mobile devices.

The pricing structure is based on a “per employee per month” model.

Device Magic Professional (, 855/257-9650, available from Google Play or the App store) is a mobile app designed to convert business forms such as checklists, timesheets, safety inspections, daily reports, work orders, materials inventory, time and materials logs, weekly progress reports, and other data into digital form, storing them in the cloud ready for completion on iOS, Android, and Amazon tablets or smartphones, with or without a cell or internet connection.

The app supports unlimited form submissions and the ability to send them in multiple formats, including as a custom PDF. Form submission data can be sent directly to clients via email, to cloud storage services, or to your own data systems.

How it works: a Form Builder utilizes drag and drop fields. Users can recreate imported PDFs as templates. Forms can capture advanced data types (including bar codes, images, signatures, and geolocation) and be submitted by a team member from anywhere, anytime. Users can also deliver submissions directly to Google Drive spreadsheets.

The drag-and drop form builder allows customers to build forms with a variety of input types, including  free text, Yes/No questions, drop-downs, and date and time. Users can also utilize advanced options for validating answers, catching mistakes, requiring fields, and repeating questions. A preview screen enables seeing what the form looks like as it is being built, with the ability to toggle between screens.

Teams in the field can fill out these forms on the Device Magic mobile app. Forms with prefilled information (e.g. a work order with an address and job details) can also be dispatched to team members in the field. 

Completed forms can be integrated directly to destinations in the cloud, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Submissions can also route to your data systems through direct integrations or via Zapier or exported from the app into Excel or CSV format. 

Pricing: per device per month, paid annually. An Enterprise plan, with a volume-based fee structure, adds additional integrations such as API access and live data resources. A free 14-day trial enables one device, after which a company can continue with the free one-device plan or select a paid plan.

Patti Feldman writes articles and web content for trade magazines and manufacturers of building products. She can be reached at [email protected].

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Patti Feldman

Patti Feldman writes articles and web content for trade magazines and manufacturers of building products.

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