Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is looking at geothermal products Enertech

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is looking at geothermal products from Enertech Global.

Illinois governor visits Enertech Global

GREENVILLE, Ill. – Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner promoted his plan to improve the state's business climate during an hour-long visit to Enertech Global in Greenville, Illinois on Tuesday, March 10.

Rauner met with local business leaders including Steve Smith, CEO of Enertech Global, followed by a tour of Enertech’s corporate headquarters. After the tour, the Governor addressed Enertech staff and the media, saying that he wants to see southern and southwestern Illinois thrive.

The discussion with business owners and local officials focused mainly on the barriers of doing business in the state. Rising property taxes and high unemployment insurance costs were mentioned as factors. The Governor said he would take those concerns back to the state capital and asked that business owners express their concerns to legislators as well.

Governor Rauner also toured Enertech’s facility for a behind the scenes look at how geothermal systems are developed and tested. The Governor was able to see the internal components of an Enertech geothermal system and Enertech Director of Engineering Adam Sterne provided an explanation of how geothermal systems work and operate. Steve Smith also showed Governor Rauner a sample of geothermal loop pipe and explained the function and importance of the loop field. 

Doug Dougherty, President of GEO, and John Freitag, Executive Director of the Geothermal Alliance of Illinois, also participated in the event to express the benefits of geothermal incentives in Illinois with the Governor.

Rauner said visits like the one to Greenville give him the chance to listen and learn about the growing challenges of operating a business in Illinois. The Governor stated that he can use Bond County as a barometer for the economic climate in Illinois and complimented Greenville for having “hard working people and strategic assets.”

Enertech Global is manufacturing company specializing in the geothermal heating and cooling industry. 

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