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Paul Farmer Jr. and Jane Jantz stand flanked by two members of the ServiceTitan team.

ServiceTitan Announces Acquisition of JaRay Software

Nov. 9, 2018
Software platform for home service contractors shares similar origin story with Kansas-based company, plans migration of JaRay customers.

GLENDALE, CA – ServiceTitan, the world’s leading all-in-one software for residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other home service businesses, announced today its acquisition of JaRay Software Inc., an all-in-one service business management system based in Wichita, Kansas.

The JaRay system was developed by Paul Farmer Sr. and his family 40 years ago. Farmer owned a Roto-Rooter franchise in Wichita and wanted a computer software that would serve as a field service management tool for his plumbing business. Farmer’s daughter, Jane Jantz, and her husband, Ray, wrote and created the software, proving to be the company’s namesake, as well. Farmer’s wife, Wanda, and all eight of their children were involved in the franchise, making JaRay and its development a true labor of love for the entire family.

“Our father knew computers were the future of the home service industry,” said Paul Farmer Jr. “He passed away in 1992, so he wasn’t able to see his vision come to fruition or the difference JaRay has made for so many companies. It was the first software built to help home service companies, and it’s had an impact across the board. JaRay has made service calls simpler and more effective, creating a better experience for both business and customer. We started this process 40 years ago, but ServiceTitan is going to be the company finishing it.”

Farmer and Jane Jantz say the decision to shut down JaRay Software Inc. wasn’t an easy one, but they feel confident in the choice to turn the company’s client base over to ServiceTitan. Not only are the two companies’ missions comparable, but their origin stories are similar, as well. ServiceTitan co-founders Ara Mahdessian and Vahe Kuzoyan created the company to help their fathers, who both ran their own home service businesses.

“We began ServiceTitan to change the lives of our families,” said Mahdessian. “And now, our goal is to impact the lives of everyone who chooses to use our software. Our customers are succeeding, which is our primary goal every single day. JaRay was built on those same principles, and they’ve given us a great responsibility by entrusting their customer base to us. We look forward to showing them how ServiceTitan can improve their sales, supercharge their team and make managing their business easy.”

JaRay customers will be given the choice to opt-in to ServiceTitan’s software, a migration the two companies hope will be seamless. Jane Jantz says the very first client that will be moved over is the family’s own, the Wichita-based Roto-Rooter that started it all.

“We’ve been working with ServiceTitan’s implementation team to ensure we have the smoothest transition possible,” Jantz said. “I’ve been writing home service software for 40 years, so it’s been really fascinating working with ServiceTitan and observing their methodology. It also makes me feel confident that we’ve made a great decision. JaRay customers have been like family to us, so we’re happy to know they’re going to be in great hands.”

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