Smart controlsthermostats were notable more prominant at this years AHR Expo Hal Conick

Smart controls/thermostats were notably more prominant at this year's AHR Expo.

Control at the touch of a button with smart controls, thermostats at AHR

If you attended the AHR Expo this year, you may have noticed that many companies have been stepping up their efforts toward improvements in technology. One result of that was smart controls and thermostats, as multiple exhibitors brought out brand new systems with apps, devices and doohickeys.

Contracting Business’ Hal Conick strolled the aisles of this year’s AHR and created a photo gallery of some of the best and brightest stars of the smart technology this year. One system, the Ecovent Air Vent, can learn the temperature of each room with a wireless vent and change it as needed.

It will manage the temperature of different rooms on its own, but users can utilize apps to shift to the temperature they feel comfortable in. This could be especially useful if there are guests in town or homeowners are on a vacation.

Some of these products can go a long way toward helping to save money on energy, water heating and maintenance. Take a look at some of these new products and let us know which ones are your favorites on Contractor Magazine’s Twitter.

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