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BOCCHI Joins PMI to 'Connect to Change in a Proactive Way'

Feb. 2, 2022
The fireclay kitchen sinks manufacturer has become Plumbing Manufacturers International's newest member.

ALPHARETTA, GA – When the United States government began to consider imposing tariffs on products imported from Turkey, including fireclay, BOCCHI got serious about becoming a member of Plumbing Manufacturers International. BOCCHI recently joined PMI, becoming PMI's newest manufacturing member.

BOCCHI specializes in manufacturing fireclay kitchen sinks. The steep tariffs, which were threatened by the U.S. in response to Turkey's digital services tax, "would have essentially destroyed the fireclay market in the US," said Dawn Robinson, BOCCHI director of marketing and communications. As the BOCCHI team began to discuss how to make a case to exclude fireclay from the tariffs, "the first words out of my mouth were 'we've got to talk to PMI. This is what they do. They've got a legislative branch that understands this,'” Robinson remembered. "That started a conversation between our company and PMI to find that foothold, and we're at the point now where PMI membership is vital for us." The tariffs were terminated in November 2021 after the U.S. and Turkey came to an agreement on digital services taxes.

Joining Robinson in advocating for PMI within BOCCHI was Lars Christensen, a long-time PMI member who joined BOCCHI in 2020 as director of product development. "Bringing Lars on marked a big turning point for the company because he helped us expand into other materials like granite," Robinson stated. "We had a small faucet line, and he came in and revamped that, completely inside out. Everything that we've been doing has just grown."

Christensen said that as the expansion of BOCCHI’s product offerings and materials occurs, "membership in PMI gives us both a voice and connections within an ever-evolving plumbing industry. It connects us to that change in a proactive way.” Robinson and Christensen, along with a new sales director the company is searching for now, expect to be BOCCHI's main contacts with PMI.

“BOCCHI joins PMI at a time when our growth continues with broad industry support across many sectors," said Kerry Stackpole, PMI CEO and executive director. “Each new member helps us illuminate the impact of trade and tariffs on the U.S. economy and strengthens the voice of our industry. Ultimately, they help make our association stronger, as we drive our advocacy efforts ahead.”

Headquartered in North America in Alpharetta, Georgia, the company originated in Italy in 1950 and moved their international headquarters to Istanbul, Turkey, in 2008. The company's president and CEO is Akgun Seckiner, a long-time Georgia resident. BOCCHI first established a niche for itself with the fireclay sinks and added granite sinks, as well as faucets and bathroom collections in dozens of colors and finishes.

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