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Steve Edwards Joins ASA to Lead Labor Build Effort

Sept. 16, 2022
Edwards is the former Chief Marketing Officer for industry giant WINSUPPLY.
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ITASCA, IL — Like many segments of the industry, suppliers are facing a skills gap.  A large segment of the labor pool is retiring and more and more young job seekers are looking for career opportunities in newer and more exciting industries. Establishing succession of leadership and a pipeline of qualified candidates to fill jobs are key components to continued success.

Recognizing that the complexity and scope of this challenge is beyond the ability of any one company and requires a unified industry effort, The American Supply Association has announced that Steve Edwards, former Chief Marketing Officer for industry giant WINSUPPLY, is joining the ASA team to lead Project Talent and the association’s effort toward promoting the PHCP-PVF distribution industry brand and attracting career seekers to member companies.

Coordinating with Stakeholders

During his 15 years at WINSUPPLY, Edwards led a marketing team and brings with him an incredibly strong background to drive one of the most critical issues facing every industry company.

Critical to this effort will be to continue to develop and expand a robust marketing and communication strategy to create awareness of the career opportunities within the PHCP/PVF industry while working closely with a third-party advertising agency and volunteer committees; working closely with the Project Talent Task Group and other key volunteers to develop and implement impactful communications that engage ASA members in utilizing and supporting association recruitment tools; and curate high-value recruitment resources to support member efforts to attract and retain top talent; develop programs and services to support ASA members in their recruitment efforts; as well as expanding efforts to engage ASA members in the recruitment process as well as utilizing the developed tools to support these efforts.

“We are incredibly lucky and fortunate to have Steve join our team and lead the association’s effort toward tackling the most pressing issue facing our industry and our member’s ability to succeed in the future” said Mike Adelizzi, ASA’s CEO. “The ability to hire great talent is a cornerstone for every company in our industry and having Steve helping members create that pipeline is vital to this effort.”

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