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Sloan Launches New Parts Merchandising Program to Support Distributors

June 1, 2023
The program is designed to help distributors drive sales growth.
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FRANKLIN PARK, IL — Sloan, a leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems, has developed a new parts merchandising program to support sales efforts for its MRPD distribution partners.

As it developed the new program and determined parts merchandising needs, Sloan surveyed select MRPD distributors to better understand how to best serve their needs. Over 87% of respondents indicated that they believe merchandising helps sales growth. Sloan applied these insights and others to its merchandising sales strategy to create the new program.

“At Sloan, we value our MRPD distribution partners and are constantly looking for ways to support their sales efforts and make it easier for them to do business,” said Ross Hubbard, Sloan National Sales Manager, Parts, PWT, and IOT. “Through extensive research, surveys, and outreach, we’ve developed our new parts merchandising program that we believe will help them achieve these goals.”

The comprehensive program features support materials ranging from parts merchandising displays and parts point of purchase displays to clamshells and backing cards, a parts merchandising guide, and more.

Sloan sales representatives will receive merchandising displays for Royal®, Regal®, and Sensor (G2, ECOS®, and SOLIS®) flushometer parts based on the number of MRPD participating distributors in their region. The sales reps will contact the distributors to inform them about the new parts merchandising program and will travel to set up the selected displays on location. Sloan will offer a one-time initial merchandising stocking order discount of 15% off boxed parts pricing.Sloan’s new parts merchandising program includes a wide range of components to increase education about accurate part selection and replacement time frames, including:

  • Parts Merchandising Displays – For use with distributor’s existing peg board for flushometer parts.
  • Parts Point of Purchase Displays – Includes over 80 new clamshell parts for attractive point of purchase display for flushometer parts.
  • Clamshells and Backing Cards – Newly designed clamshells and backing cards provide an updated aesthetic, simplified design, and QR codes for easy access to installation instructions.
  • Parts Merchandising Guide – The guide showcases available parts for merchandising displays. Distributors can feature up to three displays based on space allocated and have the option to choose from a selection of diaphragm assemblies, control stops, performance kits, rebuild kits, spud coupling assemblies, and sensors that are best suited for their location.
  • Re-order Cards – Re-order cards provide quick identification and easy re-ordering of parts for merchandising displays.

For more information on Sloan’s parts merchandising program, contact your local Sloan rep agency.

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