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REHAU Partners with Reece-Hopper Sales LLC to Serve Mechanical and Plumbing Market in Texas

Sept. 8, 2023
Reece-Hopper is a top-tier plumbing, HVAC and hardware sales agency founded in 2018.

LEESBURG, VA — Leading polymer manufacturer REHAU and Reece-Hopper Sales LLC have announced their partnership that supports the mechanical and plumbing market in Texas. Beginning on September 1, Reece-Hopper will expand their trusted product line by representing REHAU polymer-based solutions for mechanical and plumbing systems. The partnership between REHAU and Reece-Hopper integrates decades of industry expertise, strengthening each company’s services to benefit contractors, engineers and wholesalers.


Reece-Hopper is a top-tier plumbing, HVAC and hardware sales agency that was founded in 2018 with the strategic merger of Ron Henson Company and RRR Industrial Sales. With Ron Henson established in 1976 and RRR established in 1996, each agency brought their reputation for excellent service and dependable products to Reece-Hopper. Through maintaining a selective product line, Reece-Hopper upholds their goal of bringing value and quality to customers. 


REHAU will contribute to Reece-Hopper’s dependable product line with polymer components built for long-term performance in mechanical and plumbing systems. The backbone of REHAU systems is RAUPEX® crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa) pipe, first produced in 1968 and now used in heating, plumbing and geothermal applications. PEXa offers benefits over copper and other polymer piping such as cost-effective installation, enhanced temperature and pressure capabilities and corrosion resistance.

In 2017, the company further pioneered the proprietary REHAU EVERLOC+® compression-sleeve fitting system, providing plumbing contractors and installers with quick yet secure connections. Offering a range of products to meet the needs of contractors and installers, the REHAU F1960 cold expansion fitting system is an additional option that supports safety, reliability and cost savings. Regardless of the REHAU fitting system chosen, RAUPEX pipe has a 25-year limited warranty. The high-quality, trusted products developed at REHAU are backed by a team of product experts who will support Reece-Hopper representatives to deliver comprehensive project support to customers.

“REHAU is thrilled to partner with Reece-Hopper to fortify our relationships with customers in Texas,” says Mark Hudoba, vice president of REHAU building solutions for the Americas region. “We look forward to growing the reach of our reliable products with the help of Reece-Hopper’s reputable industry knowledge and experience.” 

“Reece-Hopper Sales is very excited to begin our relationship with REHAU,” says Jarrett Hopper, vice president of Reece-Hopper. “We’re also extremely optimistic about what we can accomplish in the Texas market, together.”

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