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Trimble Announces 2023 Construction Management Award Winners

Nov. 10, 2023
This year’s judges included several construction award winners from year's past years who are invited to be on the panel annually.
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LAS VEGAS, NV — Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) has announced the winners of the annual Trimble Construction Management Awards, which honors the successes that North American civil, general and specialty contractors have achieved with the support of Trimble technology.

This year’s awards were expanded to five categories, two of which were specific to mechanical and electrical contractors: best estimating success story and most impressive use of virtual design and construction. The remaining three categories were biggest accounting/finance team transformation, best HR achievement and most challenging project. The announcement was made at the annual Trimble Dimensions Conference.

“Each year, we take a moment to recognize the extraordinary feats happening across the construction industry given that today’s contractors are expected to not just deliver on time and on budget, but to build exceptional projects that will stand the test of time,” said Lawrence Smith, vice president and general manager of Trimble Construction Management Solutions. “Technology plays a key role in helping contractors succeed by connecting teams, reducing friction, streamlining workflows and improving the way these businesses and their projects are run and we want to recognize those highlights.”

The 2023 Trimble Construction Management Award Winners are:

Best Estimating Success Story

Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors, Inc.

Jamerson & Bauwens faced challenges with supply chain disruptions, pricing volatility and remote workforce needs. At the same time, the company also started bidding on larger, more complex projects with tighter deadlines. J&B recognized their estimating process wasn’t keeping pace with market conditions or helping them grow their business so decided to adopt Trimble Accubid Anywhere and immediately saw improvements—even winning a bid for a large, complex hospital project in just five days. Takeoffs are now two to three times faster, the team is able to provide more accurate pricing and has greater confidence in project costs, and handoffs to the project management and field teams have been dramatically improved. Watch Jamerson & Bauwens talk about the award.

Most Impressive Use of Virtual Design and Construction

T.S. Raulston, Inc.

T.S. Raulston has kept on the cutting edge of HVAC and plumbing design, fabrication and installation through the use of integrated software solutions that enable the company to leverage rich data in 3D models to inform procurement and fabrication. The company automates a workflow using a combination of Trimble AutoBid, SysQue, Connect, Connect2Fab, ProjectSight and SiteVision to streamline their workflow from the office to the field. On average, T.S. Raulston has decreased its takeoff to estimate time by about 50 percent. Watch T.S. Raulston talk about the award

Biggest Accounting/Finance Team Transformation

Coyote Ridge Construction, LLC 

“Production” was the key word that Coyote Ridge Construction became fixated on tracking because their previous software couldn’t adequately report production quantities, impacting operations across the company. Coyote Ridge upgraded to Viewpoint Spectrum and B2W Track to better track production numbers and payroll hours from the field. Since implementing the solutions, Coyote Ridge has automated job cost setup, and what used to take an entire day now takes less than 10 minutes. Payroll is also simplified, and accounts payable is now processing 100 vendor payments each week electronically. Coyote Ridge has also seen increased success on bids by developing more accurate rates, and the company can better project and control costs. Watch Coyote Ridge Construction talk about the award.

Best HR Achievement

SDB Contracting Services, Inc.

SDB Contracting Services specializes in building semiconductor clean rooms, along with a wide range of specialty services, across more than 15 states. To win a major contract recently, the company needed to convince their semiconductor client they could quickly hire and onboard hundreds of new crew members in a particular location. They turned to Viewpoint HR Management to help streamline and accelerate the process, ultimately winning the contract and follow-on work for years to come. SDB now has a centralized and automated HR management system that seamlessly connects the office, field and employees. New workers complete and submit forms electronically and custom workflows help HR staff ensure all necessary tasks are completed correctly and on time. Watch SDB Contracting Services talk about the award.

Most Challenging Project

HP Civil, Inc.

The Blumenauer Bridge, a bicycle and pedestrian crossing in Portland, Ore., was created to connect two of the city’s neighborhoods over a busy interstate and railway line. HP Civil was hired as the construction manager/general contractor and used Viewpoint Vista to account for every dollar on the job, from the initial estimate all the way through to completion—from tracking labor and field progress to ensure that production timelines and budget targets were being met to managing the project’s numerous change orders effectively. This complex and challenging alternative delivery project required HP Civil to work with the city, state and railway—not to mention many subcontractors and other partners – climaxing in a critical weekend closure of the interstate and rail line to erect the bridge. Watch HP Civil talk about the award.

Honorable Mentions

Trimble recognized 10 additional companies as part of this year’s awards program: Blackwater Electric; CDA Paving and Concrete Specialties; Duggan Contracting; Faulconer Construction; Industrial Builders; JD Abrams; McCormick Construction; Perman Construction and Development; Rummel Construction; and Tilson Technology.

The Trimble Construction Management Awards are open to all North American contractors. This year’s judges included several construction award winners from year's past years who are invited to be on the panel annually, as well as Trimble Construction executives.

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