Sloan Joins Works with WELL Product Licensing Program as Inaugural Member

Feb. 1, 2024
Announcement makes Sloan the only commercial restroom manufacturer in the program.
FRANKLIN PARK, IL — Sloan, the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems, has announced that it has joined the International WELL Building Institute’s (IWBI) Works with WELL offering.
The announcement signals Sloan as one of only 40 early-adopting companies—and first commercial restroom manufacturer—welcomed into the new product licensing program designed to help product manufacturers validate and showcase how their products align with WELL strategies based on IWBI licensing criteria.

The WELL Building Standard

Launched in 2014, the WELL Building Standard has helped guide the design of thousands of buildings around the world, giving them clear guidelines for creating spaces that keep people healthy and productive.
“It’s so important for a facility to understand how its products impact its tenants, yet it can be a challenge to understand which products to specify in order to achieve sustainability and WELL goals,” said Paul Sambanis, Sloan’s Vice President of Sustainability. “Sloan’s new partnership with the Works with WELL program will help facilities better understand the benefits they receive when specifying Sloan restroom products. We are proud to be the only commercial restroom manufacturer in this category.”
In order to achieve this verification, companies must submit their products for the Works with WELL trademark before undergoing a third-party document review to validate that their products meet the licensing criteria.
A wide range of Sloan products—from flushometers to soap dispensers and hand dryers—now feature the Works with WELL licensing mark and appear in the Works with WELL registry to enable customers to see which products help them meet their WELL and LEED goals.
Since 2014, the demand for WELL has impacted over 17 million people in 37,000 locations across 125 countries.
Visit Sloan’s WELL Building Standard Calculator to learn more about the value of WELL-eligible Sloan products, and check the Works with WELL Directory for more information on Sloan products with the WELL licensing mark.
For more information on Sloan’s Works with WELL partnership, visit the Sloan website,

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