Kyndra Colosetti (far left) and Michael Stefans (far right) of Colosetti Plumbing partnered with Noritz America’s tankless water heaters to donate an NR66 series to former veteran Brad Benjamin (center left).

Colosetti Plumbing Collaborates with Noritz to Donate Tankless Heater to Veteran

April 30, 2024
Local hero Brad Benjamin, limited to using only one appliance at a time due to water heater issues, receives a generous product donation.

MYRTLE BEACH, SC — Myrtle Beach residents hold ex-combat veteran Brad Benjamin in high regard. As a veteran, he played a vital role in a special task force that successfully rescued captured marine Jessica Lynch. Today, Benjamin serves as an EMT and firefighter, covering Horry and Georgetown counties—a responsibility that only one other person shares. Therefore, when news spread that Benjamin and his family were without hot water during South Carolina’s recent cold season, it came as no surprise that the community promptly rallied to support them.

“He’s simply amazing,” beams Kyndra Colosetti of Colosetti Plumbing. Kyndra and Benjamin crossed paths during an emergency call by her daughter. The call? An abandoned infant was discovered trapped in a car. Coincidentally, Brad Benjamin was among the rescue team members, and true to his character, merely rescuing the child wasn’t enough for him; he later chose to adopt the child.

These selfless acts and goodwill formed the basis for Colosetti Plumbing’s desire to assist Benjamin when he reached out to them.


“One day, we received a phone call from Brad informing us he was having issues with his tankless water heater,” Colosetti recounts. “He could only use one appliance at a time, or the water would turn ice-cold. So, if he wanted to shower, he had to make sure no one else was using any other appliances,” she jokes.

This was concerning to her for two main reasons. First, it was South Carolina’s colder season, and with temperatures chilly—from a Southerner’s perspective, at least—Colosetti did not feel it was safe to have limited hot-water delivery. Second, and most importantly, she was worried for Benjamin’s family. 

Colosetti Plumbing, a boutique contracting company owned by Kyndra Colosetti and Michael Stefans, boasts extensive industry experience. With Colosetti’s 20-year tenure in administrative roles and Stefans' 35 years as a master plumber, the duo brings a wealth of expertise to their craft. Specializing in tankless water heater installations and repairs, Colosetti Plumbing also offers a wide range of ancillary maintenance services, including pool heaters, fireplaces, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and more.

After conducting a thorough examination, Colosetti Plumbing’s team uncovered the root cause of the problem: an aging system that had not undergone the recommended annual maintenance. Due to this oversight, the system had only lasted eight years—a lifespan well below the expected duration for a well-maintained, modern tankless water heater.

“Colosetti Plumbing always emphasizes the significance of regular maintenance for tankless water heaters,” she says. “Brad was unaware of the need for this regular servicing. However, I feel that this experience has left quite the impression, and he won’t forget again,” she laughs.

Power in Partnering

Once Colosetti Plumbing had identified the issue, the solution became clear—the Benjamin family required a new water heater. However, a significant obstacle stood in the way: cost. 

As many homeowners can attest, unexpected home repairs can be financially burdensome. Nevertheless, Colosetti Plumbing was determined not to let monetary constraints impede their ability to assist someone who had made notable contributions to their community.

Drawing upon their longstanding partnership with Noritz America’s tankless water heaters, Colosetti Plumbing recognized an opportunity to collaborate with the company to assist Benjamin. Taking the initiative, Colosetti contacted Noritz’s sales team, proposing a joint effort to alleviate Benjamin’s situation.

The proposal was simple yet impactful: Colosetti Plumbing and Danny Giosa from The Brookwood Inn would generously donate their labor while they requested Noritz to contribute a water heater. To Colosetti’s delight, Noritz responded immediately and agreed to provide an NR662 outdoor natural gas tankless water heater. With the product secured, Colosetti Plumbing was poised to bring the Benjamins one step closer to the much-needed solution of reliable access to hot water.

The Noritz NR66 series is perfect for apartments, condominiums, and townhouses with 1-2 showers. When properly sized, these units provide a continuous hot water supply and are designed to be more efficient than traditional tank-type water heaters. These compact heaters will also save space without compromising power, featuring safety lock-out, freeze protection, and high elevation adjustment.

“We’ve had quite a bit of experience with Noritz,” Colosetti recalls. “It was through our recent tankless installation for Brad’s neighbor that he found us.”

Reflecting on their experience, Colosetti highlights a standout feature of Noritz products: their remarkable ease of installation. “From start to finish, the entire process took only two hours,” she states proudly. “That’s the hero factor of Noritz—these products not only excel in delivering great performance and satisfaction to consumers, but they also significantly simplify the lives of contractors like us.”

Transformative Moments

With the installation of their new water heater, Benjamin and his family now have an abundant supply of hot water to meet their needs reliably.

“He absolutely loves it!” reports Colosetti. “You wouldn’t believe how overjoyed Benjamin is with the new water heater and the act of generosity that accompanied it. He is simply beside himself!”

Colosetti Plumbing’s generosity may have left the Benjamin family pleasantly surprised, yet these transformative moments are not unfamiliar to the company. Giving back is deeply rooted in the values of Colosetti Plumbing. As a testament to their commitment, they recently undertook a project to build furniture for a family in Panama City.

With a commitment to assisting others, Colosetti Plumbing always strives to make a positive impact. They recognize that there are inherent limitations to the reach of a small contracting company, but they firmly believe that even the smallest contribution can make a big difference. Their experience has taught them the power of collective efforts in effecting change.

Reflecting on the recent endeavor with Brad Benjamin, Colosetti acknowledges the instrumental role played by Noritz’s generous donation. This support was integral in making their latest project possible, reinforcing the significance of collaboration and partnership with manufacturers and suppliers in bringing about meaningful outcomes.

“Noritz’s donation was instrumental in making all this possible,” she concludes.

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