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<p>David and Goliath.</p>

How the little guy can win against the big box stores

In this article from Contracting Business, writer Tom Casey Jr. show ways to compete -- and win! -- against the big box stores.

For all their advantages of scale and corporate structure, the big boxes can never play the same "ground game" that smaller businesses can. It all starts with the relationship to the customer. As Tom Casey explains:

Just as David defeated Goliath, we can dominate our local markets versus the “Big Boxes” if we refine our processes to leverage all of our valuable advantages. We can view them with skepticism, making excuses or playing the blame game, or we can take responsibility and action to control our own destiny. Crafting simple, easy to understand messaging and marketing to educate the consumer why our team is their best option is crucial.

Read the entire article at ContractingBusiness.com.

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