Mentors give plumbing contractors, apprentices priceless advice, guidance

My soapbox speech on the subject goes a little something like this... "The most guaranteed path to success is to emulate those who’ve achieved what you seek. You should always have at least two people you call mentors who are where you want to be. Their free guidance and counsel will be the most priceless gift you can receive. Picking one of these people and acting “as if” you were them can help you move forward. You’ve got to fake it until you make it, so it’s better to fake it as someone who is respected for their abilities and experience.”

A few years back I was struggling to find my way in the business of self-employment. I had been doing many things wrong and taking just every opportunity to screw things up even if I didn’t realize it at the time.  Spending money I thought I had or was planning on having once I got paid for this job and that job only to come up short each month because some minor detail was forgotten or ignored. Simple accounting errors, mostly due to my inability to understand business accounting,

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