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Bathing, flushing, pumping products, more seen at Builders Show

March 7, 2011
ORLANDO, FLA. — Numerous products of interest to plumbing-heating-cooling contractors were displayed at the International Builders Show.

ORLANDO, FLA. — Numerous products of interest to plumbing-heating-cooling contractors were displayed at the International Builders Show here in January. (Part 1 of CONTRACTOR’s coverage appeared on page 1 of the February 2011 issue and online. Click here to read Part 1 of the coverage.) Products include an affordable air bath, a solar controller, a device to flush tankless water heaters, sewage and grinder pumps, residential fire sprinkler products and safety equipment.

Kohler’s Sterling brand has expanded its Lawson bath collection to include the new Lawson Air Massage bath. The bath’s 20-in. depth provides a deep soaking experience. The air massage bath has three-levels of airflow adjustability with 360-degrees of bubbles. The air massage uses an engineered blower to automatically purge all water from the air channels 20 minutes after the bath has drained. The automatic purge of air lines allows for less maintenance than standard whirlpools. The baths are made of Vikrell material that is scratch- and stain-resistant. The 5-ft. Lawson baths are available in 32-in., 36-in. and 42-in. wide baths, whirlpools (with or without heater) and air massage baths. The larger two models of each feature armrests for increased comfort and to assist with entering and exiting the bath. An optional apron installs quickly and without additional tools. Designed to fit a standard stud pocket size, the baths may be retrofit into an existing alcove or drop-in space. All models are available in three colors — White, Kohler Almond and Kohler Biscuit.

Delta’s Brizo fashion faucet brand introduced the Siderna collection, its latest line for the bath. The Siderna collection includes single-handle, single-hole lavatory; two-handle, widespread lavatory; single-handle, single-hole vessel lavatory; two-handle, wall mount lavatory; wall and ceiling mount raincan showerheads; medium flow TempAssure shower trims; Sensori high flow thermostatic shower trims; and three- and four-hole Roman tubs. Many of the collection offerings incorporate handles that secure to the valve using rare earth magnets. All the Siderna bath collection lavatories are WaterSense-labeled and compliant with low lead legislation. The collection is available in polished chrome and Brilliance Brushed Nickel. Brizo also introduced the Solna, a modern, European kitchen pull-down faucet that features the brand’s first-ever hidden pull-down wand housed inside the spout and held securely through MagneDock Technology. Solna incorporates a next generation Diamond valve, an integrated ceramic valve cartridge featuring one ceramic disc and one diamond-embedded ceramic disc.

Zoeller Pump Co. introduced its 109 Series SRS scale removal system for tankless water heaters. The preassembled device includes hoses, tank, pump and fittings. The 1/6-HP pump moves food grade vinegar solution at 3-GPM through ¾-in. stainless braided flush lines. The lines connect to the hot and cold water service valves. Plug the device into a standard outlet and let it do its work for 45 minutes. Zoeller also introduced its Qwik Pak LS Universal Lift Station in simplex and duplex basin sizes ranging from 24-in. x 60-in. up to 36-in. x 84-in. The lift station includes a fiberglass bsin, rail and disconnect system, stainless lifting bracket and cale, PVC ball valve, cast iron check valve, 4-in. pipe seal inlet hub, outdoor rated fiberglass cover and three 15-ft. float switches with float tree. Pump capacities run from ½-HP up to 2-HP and solids capacity as high as 2-in.

Little Giant brand from Franklin Electric announced the addition of the Inline CP (for constant pressure). The Little Giant brand Inline CP provides increased and consistent pressure to homes on private well systems, as well as city/municipal systems. The Inline CP offers whole-house constant pressure in one package. Where most constant pressure products created for municipal systems provide pressure for a specific appliance or room, the Inline CP offers boosted and consistent water pressure throughout an entire house. Providing contractors a new way to grow business and increase profits, the Inline CP is simple to install and requires significantly less construction than many other pressure systems.

Franklin Electric also introduced the enhanced PowerSewer, a low pressure centralized sewer system, into its line of Little Giant Engineered Products. An alternative to gravity sewer systems and septic tanks, the PowerSewer is a safer, cleaner and healthier choice for high-density housing or homes sited on difficult terrain, such as rocky soil and dense clay. Unlike traditional treatment systems, it can be installed wherever a home can be built, regardless of topography or soil type. Low-pressure systems can eliminate lift stations and the deep trenching of gravity systems. With its sealed, small-diameter piping, the PowerSewer provides a watertight collection system that effectively prevents leaks and water intrusion, making it a safer and cleaner choice for individuals and communities.

Veissmann showed its Solar-Divicon line of pumping and heat transfer stations for closed loop solar systems. Two models, the Divicon and Divicon-HX are available. The controls are pre-assembled with brass fittings and safety devices, leak tested, insulated, and are wall-mountable. The standard Divicon pumping station is for a closed loop solar circuit connected to a storage tank with an internal coil heat exchanger. Suitable for residential and commercial flow requirements, it is pre-assembled and pre-wired and includes a three-speed solar loop pump. The HX includes a large double wall stainless steel heat exchanger with visible leak detection. In addition to the three-speed solar loop pump, the HX also incorporates a three-speed domestic hot water pump and an integrated solar control to operate both pumps.

Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products introduced its Rapid Response Residential Dry Pipe System. This system is specifically engineered to provide homebuilders with the only integrated solution for NFPA 13D applications in areas that are subject to freezing. Tyco’s patented SprinkFDT design software allows for water delivery times to be determined prior to field installations, ultimately lowering overall system costs. The heart of the Rapid Response Residential Dry Pipe System is the Model RCP-1 Residential Control Panel, which contains pre-programmed controls, an enclosed air compressor and system performance gauges.

UL listed, the control panel is pre-assembled for quick installation and easy system design. The residential and dry-type residential sprinklers have undergone testing to meet UL1626 fire test criteria, including a 15-second delay for water delivery as required for use in dry pipe systems. Tyco also introduced the 2-in. Model RSV-1 Residential Shut-Off Valve. The Model RSV-1 Valve is designed for use in dual-purpose residential water supply systems. After sprinkler operation, the Model RSV-1 Valve automatically shuts off water flow to the domestic system and diverts it to the sprinkler system. The valve maximizes effective use of an existing water supply, eliminating the need to add pumps, pressurized reservoirs, or electrically operated domestic shut-off valves. The valve also allows the contractor to design a dual-purpose system without adding the domestic flow demand to the fire sprinkler system flow demand, which is required by NFPA 13R. The valve features a built-in check valve that eliminates the need for a separate check valve. The valve also automatically resets, so the valve does not need to be disassembled after a sprinkler system test or activation.

Lubrizol showed its FBC Building solutions line that includes core CPVC products FlowGuard Gold, Blazemaster and Corzan piping systems. FlowGuard Gold HP pipe has a 25% higher pressure rating than standard CPVC at 180°F and fittings are rated at the same pressure as the pipe. The FlowGuard Gold Multiport CPVC Manifold is “green approved” by the NAHB Research Center so it can earn up to six points in the National Green Building Certification. Lubrizol also showed is bendable piping system that sandwiches aluminum between CPVC inner and outer layers.

Pentair Water showed the builders commercial grade grinder and solids handling pumps that it is importing from its Jung Pumpen unit. The pumps feature the Multicut high-torque cutting system with commercial grade stainless steel cutter plate and high-torque blades. The system overcomes all of those items that plumbers have had to pull out of sewage pump systems, such as diapers, panties, pantyhose, towels and twine because it can cut elastic. The blades and inlets are arranged so that while one blade is cutting, the other inlets are still open. The line comes in capacities from 1-HP to 7.5-HP and flow rates as high as 748-GPM.

Roofers may be blasé about walking around on rooftops, but plumbing-heating-cooling contractors installing stainless chimneys, plumbing vents or solar collectors are in unfamiliar territory. With new fall protection standards going into effect June 16, 2011, Capital Safety Equipment makes it easy to comply with its Compliance In A Can Kit. The plastic container includes a reusable roof anchor, a full body harness, and rope adjuster with shock absorbing lanyard and 50-ft. of lifeline. The company offers a line of fall protection products, such as a reusable swiveling roof anchor that provides 360 degrees of mobility to which three workers can hook up their lifelines.

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