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Five Tips to Install Replacement Toilets Faster and Better

March 24, 2022
How many more jobs could your company do each week if installing a toilet took as little as 10 minutes? Follow these five tips to install replacement toilets in single-family homes, apartment complexes and more—quickly, profitably, and safely.

Can replacing a toilet really take as little as 10 minutes? Yes—if you choose the right toilet for each job and your plumbers are prepared for the most common challenges lurking in older homes and apartments, minimizing installation time and callbacks. Share these top tips with your plumbers so they can:

·        Leverage your decades of hands-on experience with major local builders

·         Accommodate flanges recessed below layers of flooring

·         Eliminate the steps of installing and tweaking tank parts

·         Hide flooring that’s discolored due to leaks but still structurally sound

·         Safely install one-piece toilets without a helper

Download this asset to learn more. 

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