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Send well wishes to ailing George Brazil

Service Roundtable member Kenneth D. Goodrich, president of the Western Zone for ARS/Rescue Rooter in Las Vegas, informs us that industry icon George Brazil is in the hospital.

George, a plumbing and HVAC innovator in Southern California for decades before semi-retiring to Phoenix, has been battling health challenges and is in the hospital in Phoenix healing a broken hip. For those of you who have not had the privilege of knowing George he is one of the original innovators of flat rate pricing, the creator of the cab-over aluminum box service truck, one of founders, with the legendary Frank Blau, of Contractors 2000, which is now Nexstar Network, and one of the first multi-branch, multi-state operators in our industry.

Like the old saying goes, he’s forgotten more than most contractors ever know.

George, now in his early 80s, has been an active participant in PHCC’s Quality Service Contractors. At one QSC meeting, I recall hearing another contractor say, “Can you believe that George Brazil is coming here? He should be teaching this stuff.”

“I have learned much from George and his commitment to the industry and his willingness to share and contribute his experiences to the trade is unmatched,” Goodrich says. “There is not one of us on this [Service Roundtable] forum who isn’t benefiting from one of George Brazil’s innovations today.”

Goodrich says he is sure that it would help George feel better and heal faster if some of us — the people in the industry who owe him so much — would reach out and wish him well. He is at the Mayo Clinic Hospital; the contact information is:

Mayo Clinic Hospital
5777 East Mayo Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85054
800/446-2279 ‎

Please take a moment and reach out to an industry leader, contributor and friend that could use some encouragement right now.

Get well, George.

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