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WaterFurnace’s 2014 sales meeting empowers, educates contractors

WaterFurnace’s 2014 sales meeting empowers, educates contractors

At WaterFurnace’s 2014 sales meeting today, water always wins is the theme of the two-day meeting. The annual sale’s meeting began with an impressive video of what water is. Water is patient, it always adopts to its environment, and no matter what, water always goes around or through any obstacles in its path. Clearly, water always wins.

Tom Huntington, president and CEO of WaterFurnace, discusses clean energy legislation.

During the morning session Tom Huntington, president and CEO, Michael Albertson, VP of sales and marketing, Sean Dillon, director of dealer sales, Jason Bose, VP of product management and customer services, David Salyer, product manager, and Bob Brown, VP of engineering, spoke about many exciting products, marketing initiatives, and the future of geothermal technology.

Huntington said, during a one-on-one interview, that geothermal is always sold based on energy-saving benefits, but it’s important to keep in mind that people buy homes for different reasons —one of them being for comfort.

“The comfort story has to come through when talking about geothermal and explaining what it is and the benefits of it,” said Huntington. “Comfort needs to be followed up with the green aspect – we want to do this for future generations, we owe it to ourselves.”

Huntington has also been the chairman of the Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO), the voice of the geothermal heat pump industry in the United States. At this moment, clean energy legislation is being worked on, and there may be an incentive for contractors in this new legislation, which equates to contractors improving their bottom line. Huntington added that renewable energy incentives are also being added at the state levels too.

During the afternoon session, dealers attending the sales meeting had a handful of breakout sessions to attended, from learning about new hydronic solutions designed to work with WaterFurnace equipment to understanding the basics of moisture science, along with a sneak peak of a new training program: FLIGHT School.

Bret Ross of WaterFurnace discusses the FLIGHT School training program that will be available soon.

FLIGHT School stands for Future Leaders in Geothermal HVAC Technology. This program is designed to motivate, empower and educate dealers. The seminar combines business development, marketing, WaterFurnace tools and geothermal strategies. The program will be a day long and will be offered very soon!

Today’s sessions also included a Dealer Success Panel. These contractors told their stories about how their businesses progressed into selling geothermal, what type of advertising and marketing programs work best, what social media tactics work best, how to build trade allies, build relationships and network, and how to make potential clients comfortable with such a technology.

Tuesday’s sessions will cover social media and Internet strategies, and take a look at upcoming new WaterFurnace products. Stay tuned for more coverage of WaterFurnace’s sales meeting in print and online!

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