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ctr0618_MCAA-Gormley-Huppert.jpg Mechanical Contractors Association of America
MCAA’s Women in the Mechanical Industry kicked off its inaugural event at the 2018 convention with a networking reception. Vice-chair Kori Gormley-Huppert explains how the forum will further enrich women’s careers through networking, educational, mentoring and career development opportunities. The group also gave out two $5,000 scholarships to deserving young women.

Empowering women in the mechanical industry

Women-based groups offer support, mentoring and networking to lift women up the career ladder.

Women comprise less than 10 percent of the entire construction workforce, 7 percent in engineering and 2 to 5 percent in the specialty trades such as HVAC technicians (2 percent), plumbers (2.2 percent) and welders (4.6 percent). They are better represented as construction managers (7.4 percent), helpers (9.4 percent) and inspectors (10.2 percent).

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