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ICC vs IAPMO vs ICC vs IAPMO vs… a Solution? Vladek/iStock/Thinkstock

ICC vs IAPMO vs ICC vs IAPMO vs… a Solution?

I care that the members and the industry that have been through this time and time again will suffer I gained a great appreciation for both organizations; their missions, members, stakeholders and contributions to the overall industry Of course, two gorillas marking their boundaries and competing for food and affection in the same jungle will soon cross paths

This week it was announced that ICC-ES filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia against IAPMO to stop what ICC purports to be an unauthorized use of ICC-ES materials and its knowing infringement of ICC-ES copyrights. IAPMO states that ICC’s accusations are unwarranted and their IAPMO UES stands by their process, reports, and rightful position in the marketplace as an alternative path to the ICC services.

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