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5 things small businesses can expect the new Congress to address

The mid-term elections were seen by many as a victory for small business. Contracting business owners and professionals watched with interest as Republicans increased their majority lead in the House of Representatives and took control of the Senate.

To highlight small business interests in this election, Manta released a couple of different surveys. The first, released in August, found that 81 percent of small businesses planned on voting for a challenger to the incumbent. Another Manta survey, conducted days after the election, found about a quarter of small businesses believe raising the minimum wage would be a positive thing for them, a third said it would be negative and 44 percent said it wouldn’t impact their company at all.

Small businesses will continue to keep a watchful eye on how elected officials perform in the coming years, as many hope for further reform in favor of small businesses and look to form their opinion for the 2016 election. What can we expect in the near future? Here are five things for small businesses to look for from the aftermath of this year’s election.


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