Nexstar adds new business coach to help contractors

Feb. 5, 2015
Nexstar Network announced that John Conway has joined its business coaching staff.

Minneapolis, MN - Nexstar Network announced that John Conway has joined its business coaching staff.

Conway has been involved in the HVAC and Plumbing fields for more than 20 years. He began working for his father’s small business in 1994 where annual revenues topped out at $250 thousand. In 1998 he purchased the business from his father growing it to a $10.6-million-dollar company in 2010. After selling in 2010, he remained with the company as General Manager growing annual revenues to over $20 million in 2014.

Notably, Conway Services has been nationally recognized for their exceptional customer service and safety standards. Conway has also proven his ability to take a small, debt-ridden company and grow it to a successful, debt-free and profitable business.

“We are excited to present John Conway, a true all-star in our industry, to the Nexstar membership,” said Scott Pearson, Nexstar Network Coaching Manager. “John’s success in growing his residential service company will provide them with a distinct edge in our ever-changing marketplace.”

Conway is a self-proclaimed customer satisfaction freak and operates under the premise that the customer is always right even when wrong.

When asked why he is excited to join Nexstar as a business coach he said, “The greatest business decision I ever made was when I joined Nexstar in 2004. It quite frankly changed my life, my family’s life and the lives of over 100 employees and their families. I’m so excited about this honor to come back to Nexstar as a business coach. The honor is to give back to Nexstar and its members that have blessed my life so much. I’m looking for that next John Conway out there that I can pour my knowledge into and change lives.”

As part of the Nexstar coaching staff, Conway joins a team of 13 dedicated business, marketing, call center, training implementation and connection coaches who work individually with plumbing, HVAC and electrical residential service contractors to help them improve their businesses.

Nexstar members benefit from one-on-one coaching in addition to world-class training for technicians, call center staff and company leadership based on its proprietary Service System for sales and customer service.

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