Grow radiant — commercially available systems — Pt. 2

Dean’s hydronic and high efficiency building roots run clear back to 1975 Dean’s XLATH system provides radiant heating as well as radiant cooling The product can be installed at a right angle to the ceiling trusses To address the latent loads, he incorporates a small fan coil unit piped in series His system can also be installed on a roof and act as a large unglazed solar collector Next month as we continue looking at alternative radiant heating surfaces

In our previous article on radiant ceilings, we covered the Warmboard radiant ceiling heating/cooling system systems. In this month’s column, we will continue looking at some good old American ingenuity and their applicability to these heating and cooling scenarios. One product which was developed by a member of our organization is a product known as XLATH. It is the brain child of Dean Newberry.

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