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Heating, cooling source options for radiant comfort systems – Pt. 4

Heating, cooling source options for radiant comfort systems – Pt. 4

We now have access to gas-fired appliances (natural and liquified propane) with seasonal efficiencies that vary from 84 percent to 96 percent The days of single-speed, single-capacity water-source heat pumps are quickly ending Air-source heat pumps have also experienced significant increases in seasonal efficiencies While not new by any means, solar thermal has always been extremely efficient when applied to the operation of low-temperature distribution systems Woody biomass, while not new by any stretch of the imagination, has become extremely efficient over the years Newer energy storage methods vary in their applications and temperature of operation Phase change thermal energy storage is also not new; I was working with eutectic salt storage systems 35 years ago Good contractors don’t limit their offerings to basic conventional appliances  

This month will be the end of this series of articles about controlling and powering these ultra-efficient, extremely comfortable systems.

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