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How do you control your radiant comfort system — Pt. 2

How do you control your radiant comfort system — Pt. 2

There is a class of thermostat on the market that, when used for heating, can create a proportional flow control system This thermostat is known as a nonelectric thermostatic radiator valve, commonly referred to as a TRV Basically, the solid state thermostat controls the home below the TRV’s normal operating point, and when in normal or recovery mode, the TRVs cycle the flow back as the home approaches the TRV’s set point During deep setback conditions, modulation is completely out of the picture  Some of these TRVs can come with a remote capillary tube controller These TRVs are not conducive for use in radiant cooling applications There is a plethora of WiFi thermostats that have begin hitting the market in the past few years  

In last month’s column, we discussed individual zoning controls. It is a known fact that the majority of people like a cooler sleeping environment. With a radiant ceiling in the bedroom area, recovery from overnight setbacks can occur fairly quickly if desired. This is due to the fact that the resistance value of the emitting panel is very low, as is the mass of the panel, so reaction time is fairly short.

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