Misconceptions about hydronics, radiant heating

I want to stop and address some radiant/hydronics myths That hydronics are too expensive That hydronic radiant floors won’t work in a super insulated homes That you can’t justify installing a boiler in a super insulated Passiv Haus home That hydronic systems are too complicated for most technicians That plumbers aren’t qualified to do hydronic heating That radiant cooling doesn’t work in humid climates  

Every once in a great while, it pays to stop and look backward to see where you have been so you can figure out where you are going and make certain you have a plan to complete your journey. It also pays to read the signs along the way, even though some of them may be conflicted. Such is the case with my journey in hydronics over the past 30-plus years, especially as it pertains to radiant and hydronics. I want to stop and

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