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Free Classified Ad Website

LOVELAND, CO – There aren’t too many things that are free these days but the hydronics industry has recently gained a free service, is a classified advertising website where the industry can post used and unused equipment and services.

Every contractor, wholesaler and manufacturer has perfectly good parts and equipment that have been sitting on the shelf collecting dust. The right job hasn’t surfaced, a new or improved model has been introduced, a usable part was pulled for an upgrade, the wrong part was ordered, or a host of other reasons keep parts in the bin. These orphaned parts could be put to good use in the right hands.

That is where comes in. It is a simple site that allows users to post their parts or services for sale, or browse through the ads to find great deals. Those dusty parts can be put to good use and turned into cash. The best part is that is that there is no charge to use

Help wanted and business opportunity ads can also be posted. Hydronic training can be added to the HydronicsOnline training event calendar for free as well.

“I was cleaning my shop and ran across a box of controls that I have been saving for an unknown future project,” said Teal International Corporation president, Lawrence Drake. “I knew I would probably never use them and decided to see if I could sell them to somebody who could. That is how was born.”

Ever since the site was launched in mid October, traffic has been steady as people have posted and bought equipment and services. “The challenge now,” says Drake “is to spread the word so more people can take advantage of the service.”

Since the service is free and receives no income, there is no advertising budget. Teal International Corporation currently sends out email notices to over four thousand industry users each week, but word of mouth and referral is the primary means of adding users and visitors to the site. is sponsored by Teal International Corporation as a free service to the hydronics industry.

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