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ClimateMaster systems efficiently heat and cool more than 80000 sq ft of space HPAC Engineering
<p>ClimateMaster systems efficiently heat and cool more than 80,000 sq ft of space.</p>

Sustainability is key at Guthrie Green

The Guthrie Green park and arts complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma is using innovative geothermal systems for heating and cooling.

The system is meant to help foster the use of geothermal power in the state, as well as help support businesses involved in the design, manufacture and installation of geothermal systems.

As reported on, the online home of HPAC Engineering magazine:

The 600 tons from the geothermal field is supplemented with a 200-ton closed-circuit fluid cooler, which was incorporated into the overall system design when taking the peak demands of all four end users into account... Each of the tenants has a water-to-water heat exchanger that enables them to use the loop water on one side while keeping their individual systems separated.

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