Turner County Schools to Save Millions with Linc Mechanical Energy Efficient Project

June 10, 2010
urner County Board of Education has partnered with Linc Mechanical on a Bundled Energy Solutions (BES) project for the Turner County School District.

ALPHARETTA, GA – Turner County Board of Education has partnered with Linc Mechanical on a Bundled Energy Solutions (BES) project for the Turner County School District. The project is calculated to save the school district an estimated 4.8 million dollars in energy and operating costs over the course of 15 years.

The BES project, which is scheduled to begin immediately, will consist of upgrades to all of the Turner County School buildings including, the High School, Middle School, Special Services Building, Pre-School Building, Civic Center, Board Office, Elementary School and Gymnasium. The project’s scope of work includes the following:

  • Equipment replacement and upgrades: Replacement of existing HVAC equipment; installation of new air conditioning equipment and wall mounted heat pumps; ductwork modifications; and electrical connections
  • Installation of centralized energy management control systems: Individual controls will be added to over 95 classrooms, offices and learning centers
  • Lighting upgrades: Inefficient lighting will be upgraded with new high efficiency lighting; fixtures will be retrofitted or replaced; and incandescent and/or compact fluorescent exit signs will be replaced with new LED exit signs

“We were looking to dramatically improve the HVAC and control infrastructure in all of our school district’s buildings and Linc Mechanical came to us at the right time, with the right solutions,” said Ray Jordan, Superintendent of the Turner County School District. “This Bundled Energy Solutions program not only provides us with the needed maintenance and upgrades, but also allows for much needed energy and operating savings. We had looked at other programs in the past, but Linc’s approach and their experience with other school systems in the state proved to be the best fit for our system.”

The Turner County School District will be utilizing the cost savings they receive from this program to pay for most of the associated costs, in addition to using the Special Local Option Sales Tax dollars (SPLOST) for some other, related aspects of the program. SPLOST is an additional one cent five year tax that Georgia municipalities can approve (by vote in an election) to be used for clearly articulated qualifying projects. Linc Mechanical will guarantee the energy savings for the duration of the 10-year program.

“The program greatly improves the learning environment through enhanced comfort conditions and better lighting levels,” said Todd Pierson, General Manager of Linc Mechanical, LLC – Alpharetta. “Additionally, it addresses deferred maintenance issues and eliminates a lot of operating problems the Turner County School District has had with much of their HVAC equipment. Furthermore, it is a good leap in the right direction as it pertains to an environmental standpoint, because the program will reduce the buildings’ energy usage.”

“It’s great to see that Linc Service Contractors, in multiple locations, have made headway into the education market,” said Scott Giacobbe, Linc Network, LLC President & CEO. “We are very happy that Linc Mechanical is able to help the Turner County School District with their buildings’ maintenance and upgrades. The way the Bundled Energy Solutions program is structured, the customer can see an almost instant return on their investment, which leads to a win-win for all parties.”

Linc Mechanical’s Bundled Energy Solutions project is expected to be complete by Fall of 2010.

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