Greenbuild exhibitors get down to business

Oct. 17, 2011
The exhibits at the annual Greenbuild Show continue to become increasingly practical and pragmatic, much like the university competition that is the Solar Decathlon in Washington that wrapped up earlier in October.

TORONTO — The exhibits at the annual Greenbuild Show continue to become increasingly practical and pragmatic, much like the university competition that is the Solar Decathlon in Washington that wrapped up earlier in October. There was little to see that was far outside of the mainstream.

The U.S. Green Building Council's annual Greenbuild International Conference & Expo featured four days of networking, educational sessions, green building tours, master speakers and plenary events. The 140,208 gross square meters (1.5 million-sq.ft.) of the North and South building expo floors of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre were fully sold out and comprised of 1,700 booths.

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The 23,000 attendees must have been in the educational sessions because they weren’t on the show floor, making it easy for CONTRACTOR to speak with any of the exhibitors at any time. Kohler stood out with a 40-ft. x 40-ft. booth that was made of recycled barn wood. Kohler has converted all faucets from its residential lines to meet new low-lead guidelines.

Additionally, the company unveiled two advanced commercial faucets at Greenbuild that now comply with the lead regulations, the Gooseneck and the Streamlined Touchless faucets. In addition to their low lead content, the faucets boast a touchless design that uses Kohler’s proprietary Insight adaptive infrared sensor technology and runs off the industry’s first ever 30-year Hybrid Energy System. The firm also showed off its enameled cast iron products that are made from at least 80% recycled material.

Reduce, reuse and recycle was the theme for Charlotte Pipe & Foundry. The company pointed out that its cast iron pipe is made from 100% recycled material from everything from refrigerators to car engines. Charlotte’s RePVC plastic pipe has recycled material in the center with virgin material in the inner and outer skins. It is the first NSF-listed Schedule 40 pipe made with recycled materials. The company’s ReUze purple CPVC pipe is made for rainwater and graywater systems and is labeled, “Warning: Non-potable water do not drink.” ReUse meets all the same requirements as FlowGuard Gold CTS CPVC domestic water piping.

Sloan Valve showed off its Solis line of PV-power flushometers and hand-washing faucets. The company displayed a brand-new faucet line, Basys, which includes automatic shutoff, visible diagnostics, interchangeable parts, multiple power options, automatic line purge and three flow options. The crown of the Basys faucet is easily removed for access to all the internal parts. Sloan also showed off its Greenbuild-appropriate Aqus graywater system that collects water under the lav, cleans it, stores it and then uses it to flush the adjacent toilet. Aqus works with most toilets, even dual flush, and it is UPC-listed.

American Standard displayed its new Decorum FloWise high-efficiency urinal designed for luxury buildings, clubs and resorts. Decorum uses 0.5-gpf, half the amount of a standard urinal, meeting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program requirements. Moreover, commercial specifiers can now select thirty-four pairings of commercial urinals, toilets and flush valves to make commercial specifying more efficient. In addition to streamlining the specifying function, this consolidated process helps expedite delivery and paperwork for large volume commercial projects. The company also showed its Studio dual flush toilets. These luxury performance (dubbed LXP) toilets offer users the choice between a standard 1.6-gpf for solids or 1.1-gpf for liquids, meeting WaterSense criteria for using 20% less water than standard models.

The green emphasis at Delta Faucet was that all of its residential lavatory faucets flow at 1.5-GPM at 60-PSI. A majority of Delta products are also WaterSense labeled. The WaterSense label provides consumers with assurance that bathroom faucets, such as Leland, Lahara, Addison, Dryden, and Victorian, are approximately 30% more water-efficient than their 2.2-GPM counterparts. In the commercial sector, all Delta brand lavatories have a 1.5-GPM outlet as standard, with the option of 0.5-GPM for further savings. In addition to contributing LEED credits, Delta Faucet Co. also provides electronic and manual commercial metering products for reassurance that the faucet won’t be left running.

Moen recently introduced new eco-performance retail kitchen faucets that allow users the option to switch between three water-flow settings. For everyday tasks that require constant, yet low water flow, such as washing dishes or preparing foods, homeowners can choose eco-performance standard stream or aerated spray modes. These settings provide a reduced flow rate of 1.75-GPM. For tasks that require a set amount of water, however, such as filling a pot or pitcher, they can switch to the fast-fill mode, which flows at 2.2-GPM. Moen’s Commercial Division has created Eco-Performance shower systems that are certified to meet WaterSense criteria, with flow rates as low as 1.5-GPM. Commercial shower systems combine Moen’s Eco-Performance showerheads with the Posi-Temp valve to reduce water consumption and eliminate shower shock.

ClimateMaster introduced the Tranquility Modular Water-to-Water (TMW) Series in 360 (30-ton) and 600 (50-ton) sizes. This water-to-water series offers high efficiency with advanced features and application flexibility at competitive prices. As ClimateMaster’s most adaptable EarthPure HFC410A refrigerant units, the TMW series can be used for radiant floor heating, snow/ice melt, chilled water for fan coils, hot/chilled water for make-up air, and many other types of HVAC applications. The TMW 360-600 has advanced digital controls for BAS interface, four LEDS for unit status and compressor isolation switches. Other features include front and back service access panels that allow for side-by-side installation; larger capacity, requiring fewer units per job site; staggered top water connections for ease of manifolding multiple units; and DDC controls with 11 safety protections for the refrigeration circuits.

Aquatherm displayed its Greenpipe recyclable polypropylene-random (PP-R) piping system designed for potable water applications. The pipe is joined by heat fusion. The PP-R material used in Aquatherm pipe is an abundant byproduct of petroleum processing. It also requires far less energy for initial production than other piping materials, and involves none of the environmental effects associated with mining operations.

Additionally, the pipe has a natural R-value of 1-1.5 depending on pipe size and SDR. Aquatherm Lilac, developed for graywater applications such as toilet/drain water, rainwater collection, laundry/cleaning, irrigation, and similar uses, is comparatively low priced and has a list of steadily growing code approvals (it currently meets ASTM F2389 and CSA B137.11).

McQuay International previewed the new Daikin McQuay SmartSource Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) product line during Greenbuild. The line includes the industry’s first variable-speed inverter WSHP. The new line of water source heat pumps comes in a range of sizes and options that include smart dehumidification, waterside economizers and internal electric heat. The SmartSource platform is geothermal ready with factory-mounted loop water pumps. McQuay also introduced the Daikin McQuay Rebel rooftop unit. The new unit claims energy efficiency at almost double the ASHRAE 90.1 minimum standard, while functioning as a Variable Air Volume heat pump unit down to three tons. In addition, the Daikin McQuay Rebel is the first packaged rooftop system to use variable heat pump technology with auxiliary gas heat, as well as, Daikin’s advanced variable inverter scroll compressor.

Taking the spotlight in Niagara’s Greenbuild booth this year was the Stealth Ultra-High-Efficiency Toilet, featuring 0.8-gpf technology. The Stealth was set-up for live demonstrations for Greenbuild attendees. For the shower, Niagara displayed the high-efficiency Sava Spa Showerhead and the Tri-Max Showerhead with three flow rate options. With a new line of faucet aerators, the Niagara booth showcased both kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators, including its new Versa Kitchen Aerator, Tri-Max Aerator, Lead-Free Aerator and Bathroom Sink Aerator. Niagara also introduced the Energy Saving Smart Surge Protector and the Eco-IQ Programmable 5-2 Thermostat.

Jaga, a European manufacturer of stylish panel radiators and unique fan-powered hydronic baseboard, announced that it has filled out its U.S. representation and it is available across the U.S. Jaga’s product lines include the Energy Savers low-H20 radiators and the Eye Catchers line of visually appealing heating solutions. Because of its heat exchanger technology, Jaga’s “Energy Savers” radiators require only 10% the water of traditional panel radiators, resulting in a 12% energy savings. This lowers energy bills and reduces annual CO2 emissions per dwelling by almost a ton. Jaga’s Eye Catchers heating solutions use innovative materials and production techniques to elevate the radiator from a design object to art.

Encore, a division of Component Hardware Group Inc., has introduced a hygienic, water-conscious solution for converting a standard faucet into a low-flow metering faucet. The One-Tap Metering Aerator fits most faucets with an existing aerator, enabling a speedy, hassle-free transition to a water-conserving faucet. The One-Tap Metering Aerator offers a cost-effective alternative to electronic faucets. Water flow starts with a single touch and the adjustable metering activator automatically stops the flow in two to 20 seconds. This action reduces the risk of cross-contamination and provides up to 87% water savings over conventional faucets. The One-Tap Metering Aerator comes with a tamper-proof housing, installation/adjustment key and 15/16-27 female by 55/64-27 female thread adapter to fit most standard faucets with aerators.

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