Nine countries are facing critical water shortages

June 9, 2014
Water insecurity is becoming a security issue. Water supplies to millions of people from California to China are running dry. Many of the affected regions are unstable to begin with and water shortages could lead to violence.

Citizens of nine countries are facing scary water shortages, and the list includes the United States. A number of these nations are already unstable and prolonged drought could lead to a social catastrophe or violence. Faucets have run dry in parts of India. The water supply to Sao Paolo may dry up in a couple months.

The website PolicyMic has a list of drought stricken locales that include Brazil, Iran, India, the U.S., China, Jordan, South Africa, Libya and Kosovo.

The website reports that the Cantareira water system that supplies water to 10 million people in the Sao Paolo region is 75% empty. 

And the last thing we need is a desparate Iranian. PolicyMic reports:

Lake Urmia, the single largest lake in the Middle East, has dried up. Though the lake is technically protected by the Irania Department of Environment, severe draught has sucked up the massive salt-water body. Ships are rusting in the mud. President Hassan Rouhani calls the condition a national security issue. He is promising to "bring the water back."

The Chinese are running short of water needed to cool power plants. The Jordanians, already stuck with 600,000 Syrian refugees, are dealing with drought.

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