Brewing beer with treated wastewater?

May 21, 2015
As the west coast water crisis deepens, some beer brewers in Oregon are becoming creative.

With the water crisis on the West Coast showing no signs of abating, some people are finding new and unusual ways to conserve water and spread awareness.

The Pure Water Brew Challenge is a challenge to home brewers and home-brew organizations throughout the state of Oregon to make beer using recycled wastewater.

The Challenge is the brainchild of Jeremie Landers of the Oregon Brew Crew, a home brew club that's been going strong in Oregon since 1979. According to Landers in an interview with KCBS San Francisco:

“The idea was basically to take effluent, about 30 percent of it, that goes into the river and instead take that and purify it and see if anything can be done with it. It’s absolutely high-quality purified water.”

While state regulators have declared the water used and the resulting beer safe to drink, there are still psychological barriers to overcome. Read the full story here on the KCBS website.

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