D.O.E. Updates Better Buildings Financing Navigator

July 23, 2018
DOE has recently updated an online tool that easily connects users to proven approaches and professional connections for financing renewable energy projects.

DOE has recently updated and improved an online tool for connecting users to proven approaches and professional help in financing energy efficient and renewable energy projects. The Better Buildings Financing Navigator Version 2.0 now includes renewable energy financing options, sector-specific and location-specific financing resources, a smart database of financing providers that can be searched and filtered, updated market data, and more.

Users can now search by topic or answer a few simple questions to get tailored results, and easily navigate white papers, technical research, and advice collected from the industry to get the information they need.

Version 2.0 also has sophisticated features that allow you to connect to the larger Better Buildings Financial Ally community, which includes banks and lenders that are committed to investments in energy. These financiers have collectively funded more than $12 billion in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects since 2012. Users can search for the right financing partner based on products offered, sectors served, technology types financed, and region served.

To see the new features, visit the navigator at

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