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Moen Celebrates Earth Day with Launch of 'Mission Moen'

April 22, 2020
Industry leader makes commitment to conserve one trillion gallons of water by 2030.

NORTH OLMSTED, OH — The leading seller of faucets in the United States is turning its strength towards making a large, new commitment to the planet on Earth Day through what it is calling Mission Moen.

Mission Moen is focused on helping preserve and protect our planet’s most precious resource—water—while improving how people interact with it in their daily lives. The first aspect of this mission includes a promise to help conserve one trillion gallons of water over the next decade, with additional commitments of Mission Moen to be revealed later this year.

“We lead the market, which means we serve more water than anyone, and have more responsibility, too,” said Mark-Hans Richer, chief marketing and innovation officer, Fortune Brands Global Plumbing Group. “Our innovations give consumers more power than ever before when it comes to understanding and controlling the water that flows through their homes, making it easy to reduce their water usage, if they so choose. The best part is—they don’t even have to think about it. Our innovations have water-saving features built in, so minimizing water waste is seamless. We know that people want to save water, but they don’t want to sacrifice a great experience. Thankfully, they don’t have to.”

To help deliver on the goal of saving one trillion gallons of water by 2030, Moen is backing up its new sustainability commitment by focusing on innovating today to protect and preserve the water of tomorrow. For example, the Nebia spa shower uses 45 percent less water; or the U by Moen Smart Faucet which enables the precise use of water through voice control (which includes a "wash hands" command that pauses the faucet for 20 seconds).

Moen also is focused outside of its traditional categories to accomplish its mission. For instance, leaks in the home are one of the largest wastes of water in the United States—more than a trillion gallons each year in the U.S. alone according to the EPAand an often unseen problem for a homeowner. To help address this issue, Moen has introduced the Flo by Moen Smart Water Security System, which provides homeowners with an all-in-one security system to protect against water damage and loss—whether from a leaky pipe or weather event like a flood.

“Water has designed and continues to design our Earth, and our lives, from where we live to how we live,” added Richer. “As the experts in water experience, we at Moen have a responsibility to not only enhance how people interact with water in their homes, but to help protect the beauty and power of water itself. That’s why we invest in innovations and products that make a difference – while at the same time ensuring that the experiences people have with water – whether in the home or in the world around them – are still experiences they love.”

For more information about Moen, visit moen.com/missionmoen or call 1-800-BUY-MOEN (800/289-6636).

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